Race & Rally cars

Since 1989 I have been involved in Rallying , Racing & Hillclimbing as a car builder / engineer & driver.

gurston_1 sb ff1600 sb mark 1 sb mark 2

I began by helping friends with various Escort rally cars, both in road rallies & tarmac stage rallies. My first events were rallies driving a self built (very basic) RS2000 Mk2 Escort aged about 19 - seems a long time ago!

RS2000 Mk2 on the 1990 Hella Stages with

co-driver Dave Morris

Mk1 Escort with 2 litre Vauxhall engine used in sprints & hillclimbs circa 1996/7 , often shared with Chris Jobburn a friend from University.

Hawke DL11 1973 Formula Ford , used during late 1990's - now owned & raced by Jon Davis, another University mate. Has won the Classic FF championship in Jon's hands

Caterham Seven used in early 2000's including 2 HSA championship class wins - had BDA / XFlow & finally Vauxhall engines during its time with me.

17278532632_160bf5463c_o 1 chris pryor_cropped

Alfa Giulia Ti - This was purchased somewhat on a whim after I had realised that I was getting scared driving the Lotus Eleven because of the cost of repairs if I was to damage it!. Never really ever looking at Alfa's before it was a new (and interesting) few years of car building / developing. The car gained many admirers in the 2 seasons it was used being a rare and nicely built machine. It was sold to an enthusiast based in LA who has since used it to promote his restoration / tuning business.

Having sold the Lotus I was in a good position to buy or build something I had always wanted. The purchase of the RS1600 replica rally car brings the story full circle, although this is far better than what I started out with!!