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2018 Season

The Hillclimb season is now completed. Having lead the Classic Saloon car class at one point I have eventually dropped to 5th place as dropped scores and the 'randomness' of the handicap scoring took its toll. There is some consolation however ! , I have won the Scratch award for most fastest times throughout the season in the Classic Saloon car class. For me this is the one that really matters as its the award for the fastest driver / car combination.



Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb hosted two rounds of the Bugatti Owners Club / Aldon Automotive Classic series during their 'Classic Nostalgia' meeting.

On the Saturday in changeable / wet conditions I was fastest overall out of 29 series runners  - including all the single seaters - A good days work !!


Same thing occurred at a damp & slippery Loton Park - Fastest overall from all three classes !

Simon (17) Simon (9) Simon (18) Simon (7)