Racing News

2018 Season

April 2018:

A good start to the new season with a dry meeting at Loton Park.  I finished in 4th place overall on the day (from 19 starters) & 4th in the saloon cars handicap results. My time was a fraction slower than last August (+0.4 secs) but the day was cold and grip levels down from last year - plus it was the first run of the new season. The car has good potential for going faster than before but is the driver up to it?!.


Next meeting at Prescott Hillclimb on the final weekend of April.


March 2018:

The start of the 2018 Hillclimb season is now in sight , and we now go into a final month of preparation & checks before Loton Park Hillclimb on the 1st April. Modifications to the Escort have been small over the winter with just some changes to the fuel tank (making it smaller) and a new fire extinguisher system because of MSA rule changes for 2018. The car still needs to go to RSR Historic Engineering (Rob Smith Rallying) to have some bits of maintenance done that are too big for me to do in a single garage! Hopefully these should be just routine and the car should be back & ready a week or two before the first event.

Loton Park April 18-34_preview (2)